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What Does Cash Mean to You?

Cash is... Ice Cream! 

Cash is… a hot cup of coffee to jump start your day.
Cash is… teaching entrepreneurship to tomorrow’s lemonade stand tycoon.
Cash is… a little security when the storm clouds form and the lights go out.

Cash is many things to many people. To Cardtronics, cash is our reason for being. In fact, we have defined our purpose as being the Champions of Cash… because it matters. We have embedded that purpose within the core fabric of our company, and it further drives the values we live by.

At Cardtronics, we recognize that our customers are at the heart of all we do, and we serve them by living our values:

  • One Team – We are One Team within Cardtronics and in partnership with our customers
  • Trust – We earn Trust through our actions
  • Excellence – We strive for Excellence in everything we do
  • Ambitious – We are Ambitious and embrace change with courage
  • Innovation – We are improving the future through Innovation

Just how does one become a Champion of Cash? And what does that mean to you?
Becoming the Champions of Cash is a conscious decision to work diligently ensuring that cash maintains a strong and viable position within the payments landscape and is easily accessed by anyone who wants and needs it. It means we set our sights on building robust cash access strategies that benefit our retail and financial institution partners and their customers. It means we strive for excellence in providing cash, from maintaining high availability to presenting cardholders with an engaging experience on the screen and with the ATM itself. It means being there when disaster strikes to ensure cash is available when and where it’s needed most. It means taking it upon ourselves to operate a higher-quality ATM estate at retail locations, and it means helping financial institutions better serve their cardholders at their own ATMs both at and away from the branch.

As Champions of Cash, Cardtronics also seeks to understand cash use within the payments mix. To that end, we sponsor the U.S. Health of Cash study conducted by Edelman Intelligence, among other initiatives. This year’s Health of Cash report will be launched later in Q4, but report highlights indicate:

  • Consumers value choice in payment, and are choosing cash consistently – 73% of respondents indicated they use cash regularly, and 84% of respondents always try to keep some cash on hand
  • Consumers think cash holds an important place in society, protecting those who may be underprivileged or underbanked – 94% of respondents think cash is available for everyone to use, and 60% consider it the payment option most available to everyone
  • Cash is critical when bad things happen – 85% of respondents keep cash around for emergencies and 90% feel cash is safe to use in a world of digital crime.

Cardtronics is also taking its cash advocacy directly to consumers through our Cash Is campaign. Through a combination of video vignettes and informative content splashed across social media channels, Cardtronics is reminding consumers about the unique attributes and uses of cash that make it so important and so durable. Consumers are also encouraged to share their cash stories for a chance to win through our cash advocacy portal:

While the news media focus on new payment form factors and use cases, cash maintains a critical role in society, and will for many years to come. At Cardtronics, we are here to ensure cash is viable and available for you and your customers. We are Champions of Cash.

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