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ComicCon and Cash Go Together Like Batman and Robin

It  may just be the most coveted seat in all of Geekdom – the famed Hall H at ComicCon International, the center of the universe for all things pop culture, but for those lucky few who make it in to see the latest from Marvel, DC and others, there is no substitute for cash in hand.

San Diego Comic-ConFor those not ingrained in the pulp culture phenomenon that is ComicCon, imagine 125,000 of the world’s most raving pop culture fanatics descending on San Diego in late July for an exclusive glimpse at the latest and greatest movies, TV shows, toys and, yes, comics waiting to influence the world. For the ComicCon faithful, Hall H is the mother lode, the place where a lucky few get up close and personal with the world’s biggest names in entertainment. Getting a seat at the top Hall H panels virtually requires sleeping in line below the San Diego stars, and once inside, there is no leaving – even for food. And if you need something to eat after a long day of cheering, you better bring cash.

Why cash? Because while ComicCon provides food service inside the Hall H secured area, cash is the only form of payment accepted – no cards, no mobile phones, no golden tridents or fluttering capes, just cash!

And cash is prominent throughout ComicCon – from cash discounts at the hundreds of vendors in the expo hall to cash rides in the pedicabs moving revelers around the area to cash tips for the roving cosplay fix-it specialists, cash makes ComicCon move.

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